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Welcome to the mesmerizing land of Egypt, a country steeped in ancient history and vibrant culture. Your journey begins in the bustling capital city of Cairo, where the past and present seamlessly coexist. Start your exploration with the iconic Giza Plateau, home to the enigmatic Pyramids of Giza, including the Great Pyramid of Khufu, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the Sphinx. As your adventure unfolds, embark on a Nile River cruise, a timeless journey that reveals Egypt's heart and soul. Witness picturesque landscapes while sailing down the Nile in a luxurious boutique cruise ship, visiting temples such as Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple to the city of Aswan.

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  • Cairo
  • Luxor
  • West Bank
  • Aswan


  • Private expert guiding throughout - visiting temples and historic sites
  • Cruise down the Nile in small luxury boat
  • Dining at local restaurants & meet local artisans


Days 1 - 2

Days 3 - 6

Days 7 - 8

Days 9 - 10

Beginning with the wonders in Cairo, you and your private guide will walk the way of the Ancients under the shadows of the 3 Giza Pyramids, and relish in lectures on Egyptology. You'll enter into the King's Chamber, see the Great Sphinx, and visit the extraordinary necropolis at Saqqara.

Next you'll venture to Luxor by plane to embark on a 4-night Nile cruise to Aswan. Accompanied by your guide, you'll take a walking tour of the magnificent Luxor Temple, explore the West Bank, and the Temple of Horus in Edfu among many other iconic sites. All meals will be served on the ship as you sail from place to place.

Discover the great city of Aswan, including The High Dam and the unfinished Obelisk. Set out on a short boat ride to the glistening island jewel of Philae for a visit to the Temple of Isis, regarded by many as the most beautiful temple in Egypt. 

You'll fly back to Cairo to end your trip by having dinner at a local restaurant and visiting the Egyptian Museum before departing on your international flights. 

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