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In Greece, where history whispers through ancient ruins and the Aegean Sea sparkles like a sapphire gem, each step feels like a dance between myth and reality. From the olive-strewn hillsides to the sun-drenched islands, Greece paints a masterpiece where the brushstrokes of tradition, mythology, and blue-and-white landscapes create a symphony for the senses. Set sail to the enchanting Greek Islands for whitewashed buildings perched on volcanic cliffs, charming narrow streets, lively nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Whether basking in the Mediterranean sun, relishing the flavors of moussaka and souvlaki, or immersing oneself in the timeless allure of ancient ruins, a journey through Athens and the Greek Islands promises an unforgettable exploration of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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  • Athens
  • Mykonos
  • Santorini


  • Private full-day guided tour of Athens
  • Helicopter transfer to Santorini
  • Private food & wine experience
  • Sunset catamaran cruise


Days 1 - 3

Days 4 - 7

Days 8 - 10

Your trip begins in Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, where you'll be guided through iconic landmarks such as the Acropolis, Parthenon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus that showcase the grandeur of ancient Greece. Wander through the historic Plaka district and indulge in Greek cuisine at a traditional taverna. 

Today you'll fly to Mykonos to begin your exploration of the beautiful Greek Islands. Your hotel is only resort on Mykonos island with its own private stretch of sandy beach. Spend the days at leisure in the sun or at the spa. 

Taking a helicopter to the island of Santorini, you'll get a different perspective of the sea and volcanic cliffs below and Santorini's iconic whitewashed buildings. The next few days your planned tours include a private food and wine experience and a sunset catamaran cruise.

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