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We’re here to help you navigate the myriad of choices and decisions regarding your next great adventure. Travel is our DNA, and we look forward helping you craft your next journey, creating unique and unparalleled experiences through travel.  Connect with a Tribù Travel Expert today to explore the possibilities.

Marni Granston
Founder & Travel Designer

I travel to be a witness to the many ways different cultures are living their lives and creating their own happiness and successes; to immerse myself into the local pulse of a destination; to write my own life story filled with adventure; to see incredible wildlife in its natural habitat and to be a citizen of this world.

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Dana Wilson
Travel Designer

Since a young age my sister and I would travel with my dad all over the world. What he started then was a love for culture and a passion to explore new lands that continues to grow everyday. Traveling makes me feel alive and free. There are no expectations when I travel, only to enjoy every moment and embrace all the things that make the human race different, but one at the same time. 

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Sarah Bello Profile.jpg

Sarah Bello
Travel Designer

Being able to travel and exploring new lands, witnessing different cultures, connecting with nature, trying new authentic cuisines with locals and creating these experiences with my family is one of my biggest joys in life. Traveling keeps me grounded, it always reminds me what a small place we occupy in this big beautiful world of ours. Travel is not only a wonderful experiences to have and share with others but an investment in myself and my children, these memories I am eternally grateful for. 

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