Tribù’s mission of inclusivity and sense of community are important components of being a leader in the global travel industry and to making a difference in the lives of people who welcome us to these amazing places. In addition, as a women owned and operated company, we look to support young women looking to become entrepreneurs and to contribute to their own communities.

We have partnered with a U.S. based philanthropic organization, The Pangea Network, founded in 2005 by Nicole Minor, and based in The Woodlands, Texas to support efforts to educate and develop entrepreneurship in both in the U.S. and in Africa. Pangea’s non profit endeavor’s include the Young Women’s Leadership Challenge, created in 2012 to inspire high school girls to have the confidence and knowledge to take meaningful action in their communities. 77 high schools in Texas are participating in the YWLC and 200 alumni have completed the program since its beginning.

In Kenya, the Women’s network consists of a number of cooperatives where women from the same community come together for 6 months of training in critical life skills, health and wellness, human rights and business. The skills taught by the Network empower them to break the barriers of circumstance and create a means to support their families and to become a vital member of their community. Micro funding helps them grow the business to a sustainable ongoing enterprise.  Pangea, invited into the community by the elders and community leaders, partners with each group for 4 years and has assisted over 1000 women and created over 500 businesses. 

Giving Back to Our Communities