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Dana Wilson | Tribù Travel Designer

Travel was something that Dana got accustomed to from a young age. Having a Romanian father and a Persian mother, Dana would travel to her places of heritage with her sister when she was just a little girl. Seeing Persepolis in Iran or visiting the farm her father grew up in Moldova, Dana sparked a love for travel and culture that has been growing ever since those early years. From living in Germany and Spain in her childhood and college years, to backpacking Southeast Asia for six months, to climbing to Mount Everest Basecamp, Dana’s passion and excitement for remote lands is something she brings to all her client’s travels when designing their custom trips.

About Dana: Dana grew up in Solana Beach, California. After living in Seattle during her college years Dana moved back to her hometown and now lives in Leucadia with her husband Mike and two children, Mila and Wes.

Dana’s Bucket List:

Madagascar - Walking among the Madagascar baobab trees and then laying on the beach on the private island of Miavana. A safari along the way would be the icing on the cake.

Tibet - Staying in a monastery and trekking the Tibetan Plateau.

Amazon - Exploring the Amazon and seeing a native pink dolphin.

Greek Islands - Staying on the remote island of Antiparos at the Rooster and just disconnecting from it all.

Dana’s Top Recommended Must Do Experiences:

Staying at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como, Italy and renting a boat for the day and jumping in the lake’s refreshing water with your kids. Just look at their faces, trust me they will not forget it :)

Getting lost on one of Thailand’s pristine beaches.

Visiting the land of waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland and hiking to the “top of Europe”.

Taking a riverboat in Kerala, India and seeing the way the locals live as you float alongside their daily lives eating the best Indian food ever!


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