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Ultimate Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is an individual experience. Just like every wedding is different, customized to the newly joined couple, a honeymoon also is a personal preference and can be configured specifically to the preferences and travel desires of the travelers. 

Here are seven of Tribu’s favorite exotic honeymoon destinations—each carefully curated with a different travel couple in mind. 

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations - Sri Lanka beach

Sri Lanka

For honeymooners who have already traveled to some of the more popular destinations in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka can feel a bit like India-meets-Thailand all within the confines of a bustling and beautiful Indian Ocean island. It may be best sought by the couple who has already experienced the culture of some of the surrounding countries and who desires something a little different. 

Here, tropical vacation meets culture mecca along with a host of terrains and activities. Our itineraries in Sri Lanka tend to feature a healthy dose of indulgence along with tours of ancient Buddhist ruins, rainforest exploration, cityscapes, and, of course, beach days.  

Exotic Cultural Honeymoon Destinations - Morocco camel ride in the desert


For the fearless honeymooners seeking a cultural experience along with the romance of a remote desert camp, Morocco exudes peace and quiet, while also allowing for a bit of urban exploration in some of its most populous cities of Marrakech and Fez. 

Tribu recommends planning to spend much of the honeymoon engulfed in the desert and enjoying the quiet luxury of Merzouga Desert Camp, designed for those seeking a most peaceful getaway. Here, couples will enjoy nights spent stargazing, camelback riding at sunset, and sweeping views of vast Saharan sand dunes as far as the eye can see. 

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations -Botswana, Victoria Falls & Mozambique luxury camps and beaches

Botswana, Victoria Falls & Mozambique

If you can’t quite decide between beach and bush, Botswana and Mozambique bring the best of both worlds together in a single African honeymoon destination. Tribù recommends starting in Johannesburg, South Africa, followed by an exploration of the famed Victoria falls, wildlife safari and luxury tented camp accommodations in Botswana, and finally a most exotic and remote beach destination in Mozambique.  

Spending a few days on safari followed by a few more traversing the remote and deserted beaches of Mozambique gives honeymooners a balance of relaxation and exploration all in one journey. 

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations - Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam

South East Asia

Looking for a honeymoon featuring both culture and adventure? Look to Southeast Asia as a destination that offers nonstop activity and a wealth of new and exciting experiences from exploring ancient temples in Cambodia to leisurely jaunts through Bangkok, Thailand and visits to some of the world’s most historic destinations in Vietnam. 

Tribu recommends traversing Southeast Asia by car, foot, ATV, bike and rickshaw—depending on the destination. The breathtaking and storied cities here will not disappoint the curious honeymooners seeking brand new experiences and history lessons all in the same adventure. 

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations - Argentina & Uruguay - romantic sunset, luxury resort

Argentina & Uruguay

For a romantic tango tour through South America, try a honeymoon that incorporates Argentina and Uruguay. Here, the couple seeking city and luxury will enjoy indulging in Latin cuisine, culture, dance and more. 

Wander the streets of Buenos Aires followed by wine tasting in Salta and then beach time at the chic luxury Vic resort in Uruguay for an experience that is memorable, yet relaxing, cultural and highly exotic. 

Exotic Romantic Honeymoon Destinations - food and culture in Italy, Amalfi Coast


Known as the birthplace of romance, couples seeking the classic dream honeymoon need look no further than Italy. From city to country to coast, Tribu can cater the Italian honeymoon itinerary to the couple’s every desire. Indulge in wine tasting across Tuscany, explore ancient ruins in Rome and make time for a few nights spent wandering across the Amalfi Coast—a colorful and breathtaking destination filled with food, wine and coastal indulgence. 

Exotic Romantic Honeymoon Destinations - exotic, tropical island getaway in the Philippines


For the honeymooner looking for an exotic, tropical island getaway, the Philippines offers an array of breathtaking island resorts, coastal cuisine and ocean activities—or not. Pristine white beaches and cerulean blue ocean are the norm here, presenting a calm beach backdrop far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Couples seeking the ultimate relaxation destination will find peace and quiet here alongside a cool Pacific Ocean breeze. 


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