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Laid-back Luxury in Australia

Ah, Australia! The land of kangaroos, koalas, the Outback, and the Great Barrier Reef. Iconically Australian, the things that come to mind at first when thinking of the continent only begin to scratch the surface. Australia is vast and sprawling as the sixth-largest country globally, covering an area of approximately 2.94 million square miles. It's sheer size makes it a unique and enticing destination. From the sun-drenched beaches, arid deserts of the outback, lush rainforests of the north to the rugged landscapes of the south, Australia offers a diverse range of landscapes that few countries can rival.

One of the most striking aspects of traveling in Australia is the diversity of experiences it offers. Explore vibrant cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, each with its own distinct character and cultural attractions. Embark on a journey into the remote wilderness where you'll encounter unique wildlife, recognizable landmarks like Uluru's Ayers Rock, and experience the country through an Indigenous lens with the help of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander guides. The 16,010 miles of coastline invites snorkelers, divers, and surfers to explore new depths and gain a more profound appreciation for the ocean. And so much more.

Australia's expansiveness will have you questioning if a two-week...or four-week...trip is enough time to experience it. In our opinion, a lifetime wouldn't be enough, but given we can't all take multiple weeks off to galavant around Australia, we put together a few sample itineraries that showcase the best of the country that we believe will appeal to just about everyone.

As always, the trips we plan are entirely customizable. We share sample itineraries so you can get a better idea of what accommodations and experiences are offered in a given destination. Allow your mind to wander and use the itineraries as heavily researched, expertly vetted gems of inspiration! Who knows, you might run into a property or place you didn't know about that becomes a highlight of your upcoming trip.

Some people refer to it as ‘glamping’ but with a focus on environmental sustainability these eco-sensitive and romantic wilderness lodges join forces to showcase Australia’s unique style of sophisticated, barefoot, experiential luxury. The aim of this itinerary is to entice, inspire and connect guests to the outback, bush and desert through experiences that are exclusive, natural and quintessentially Australian. The true luxury here is in the private exclusivity of the camps and lodges, and the rare privilege of being in these places.

This adventure takes you to Flinders Ranges, the Red Center, Kakadu National Park, and the optional add-on of Mt. Mulligan.

See Australia’s wild side on this bucket list journey along the West Coast, home to an incredible and diverse array of native wildlife and some of the best conditions in the world to swim with ocean giants. The west is beaming with wildlife, from kangaroos, dolphins, whale sharks and turtles to endangered black-footed rock wallabies and endemic birdlife and fish species. This itinerary encompasses 3 distinct and diverse regions of Western Australia, each home to an exceptional luxury lodge or camp experience that offer a very personal connection to this vast land, the wilderness, its wildlife, the culture and its people.

This adventure takes you to Margaret River, the Ningaloo Reef, Perth, and the Kimberley.

This is an impressive selection of four diverse lodges and destinations reflecting the vibrant colors of Queensland and several unique World Heritage regions. From the brilliant terracotta’s of the outback, the soothing, dense greens of rainforest and the intense blues of the ocean and Great Barrier Reef, these four landscapes are seamlessly combined into one very easy to plan itinerary.

This adventure take you to the Northern Outback/Mt. Mulligan, the Daintree Rainforest, Lizard Island, and the Scenic Rim.


Now that you're filled with ideas, let's make it happen!

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