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Luxury Buying Trips

Have you heard? We teamed up with our interior designer friends, the sister-duo behind Design 4 Corners, to bring you an exclusive designer-hosted travel experience.

For the traveler and lover of artisan goods (i.e. shopping addicts) in all of us, you’ll get opportunity to source with a designer in your destination of choice. You'll visit a curated selection of galleries, artisans, flea markets, and boutiques to hand pick one-of-a-kind pieces for your home with intention.

With Design 4 Corners' extensive network of artisans and suppliers worldwide in combination with our on-the-ground partnerships, preferred hotels and expert guides, this experience allows you to turn your home into a unique space filled with international treasures and deeply connect to a new destination without having to do any of the planning yourself.

The trip can be as long or short as you'd like—your interior designer will be joining you for 2-3 shopping days during your travels and any additional time beyond that is for you to explore! We will create a detailed itinerary for you, inclusive of all the sightseeing, guided tours/experiences, restaurants, and spa experiences you'd like. Accommodations are also specifically chosen for you, whether it's a boutique hotel or an international brand hotel. Bali, Italy, Mexico City, place is off-limits.

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Questions? Contact us at or Design 4 Corners via the inquire button on the page linked above!



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