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Morocco Q&A with Travel Designers Sarah and Dana

I recently had a conversation with Travel Designers Sarah Bello and Dana Wilson about their recent trip to Morocco. For both Sarah and Dana, this was a first to the North African country. They started in Marrakech, then traveled into the Atlas Mountains to stay at a desert camp and ended in Taghazout Bay. Throughout the stay, they toured a number of properties and got to fully embrace Morocco through tours, experiences, and meals with our local partners. I got the inside scoop into their most memorable activities, and got answers to questions that could be useful to anyone interested in exploring this beautiful country.

For many, Morocco is a bucket list trip. Whether it's the intrigue of the culture: the art, tiles, food, and color that come to mind, or a specific hotel (for Dana it was the desert camps), many travelers have an idea of what a trip to Morocco would be like. A country close enough to Europe that it doesn't feel daunting to get to from the United States, but vastly different from countries surrounding it with its Berber and Arab influences, this idea of Morocco—all the things you picture in your mind prior to traveling there—doesn't compare to the actual thing. Isn't that typically the case? With little expectations, Sarah and Dana put faith in our in-country partners to show them various parts of Morocco and the experiences they then get to share with you as Travel Designers.

Culture. Color. Hospitable. Hot. Tajine.

Each answer to the questions below are combined summaries of their responses.

Given the travel time, accommodations, and activities in Morocco, who would you recommend Morocco to? Is it suitable for families?

Morocco can fit in a lot of different categories and appeal many different travelers, and it could be as extensive or as short of a trip desired. Depending on your departing city, the added hours traveling from the West Coast to Morocco could make the trip more difficult and less appealing to families with young kids. Additionally, there's limited food options at restaurants and hotels for picky little eaters, so the destination may be more appropriate for adults or well-traveled, adventurous children and young adults.

Sarah mentioned, “It is the most epic girlfriend destination with all the shopping and spas. It combines everything I like to do with my girlfriends in a really incredible place." Shop for leather poufs, handmade rugs, woven blankets, and ceramics. Strip down and get scrubbed in Hammam spa.

Morocco is also a prime location for honeymooners or couples. With spacious rooms with seating areas or individual riads, the five star properties are more affordable than those you'd find in Europe, and it's a lovely destination for those celebrating a milestone with their partner or a small group.

Can you combine Morocco with any other countries?

Morocco can be easily combined with Spain, Portugal, and France using Air France and budget airlines like EasyJet and RyanAir. Morocco cannot be combined with countries in East or Southern Africa without a reconnecting flight in Europe. Although not impossible to do so, you would be backtracking to Europe en route to other parts of Africa.

What was your favorite property you toured or stayed at?

The Oberoi

The Oberoi is located within Mediterranean orchards with fragrant citrus trees and centuries old olive groves. This five-star hotel has beautifully landscaped gardens and authentic architecture is inspired by palaces of ancient Morocco. The courtyard of the main building incorporates the design of the historic Medersa Ben Youssef, built in the 14th century; one of Marrakech’s most famous historic monuments.

Dana: "The Oberoi was so impressive. The grounds were massive and well-kept, and there's tile work throughout the property and rooms. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and they also had great welcome amenities."


Inspired by the rose-hued buildings of old Marrakech, the luxurious Amanjena is close to the fabled Red City and set in its own expanse of gardens and grand open spaces. Shaded courtyards with fountains lead to the central bassin that nourishes the gardens in which spacious standalone guest pavilions and maisons rest, all with private gardens and many with private pools. Views stretch across the olive groves and palms of the oasis, extending to the High Atlas Mountains on the horizon.

Sarah: "Marrakech is loud and bustling, and if it's your first or last stop in Morocco, it may be nice to counter that vibrancy of the city with a more peaceful and serene hotel. That's Amanjena. It feels like no one else is around."

Inara Camp

Inara Camp is set-up in the magical setting of the stony desert of Agafay. In the middle of a vast field of 10 hectares, Inara camp consists of 18 luxury tents with a splendid overview of the desert, each with inside king size bed, living room and separate bathroom with shower and toilet. The camp is intimate, and respects the tranquility of the desert. Dine under a private tent enjoying views of the Atlas Mountains, admire the sunset poolside, and watch as the night sky lights up with stars.