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New explora Valle Sagrado

Exclusive hiking explorations in the Sacred Valley Peru - explore beyond Cusco and Machu Picchu

Exclusive hiking explorations in the Sacred Valley Peru - beyond Cusco and Machu Picchu at Explora

Exclusive accomodations and explorations in the Sacred Valley Peru - Machu Picchu

New explora Valle Sagrado

Leave home – Disconnect, leave aside for a moment your history and your usual way of looking at things. When we aren’t clinging to our own ideas and habits, we can learn about and gain greater enjoyment from everything again” -explora  

explora Valle Sagrado offers an all-inclusive lodge in the heart of the Sacred Valley where visitors can explore the rich culture and history of the Inca Empire.  Explora, which began with a lodge in Patagonia, Chile in the early 90s, added the 50 room explora Valle Sagrado in July 2016 to their renowned collection of lodges in South America.

With an ideal location in the Sacred Valley, we recommend the lodge as a base to connect with nature whether hiking, biking or overland.  Unique to explora, your stay includes expert guided explorations in small groups of up to 8 travelers, bringing guests to areas most tourists will never see.  Visit the archeological sites of the Urubamba River Valley, Huaypo Lake, lagoons, farm communities, cornfields and mountain peaks.  Full-day explorations to Machu Picchu and Cusco are also offered from Valle Sagrado for guests who stay four to six nights.


To start planning your trip to Peru and Valle Sagrado, contact a Tribù Travel Expert at or 858.201.3079.



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