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Tribù’s 2018 Top Travel Trends

We traveled the world in 2017 and we’re here to do it again this year. From touring Cambodian temples to sipping mojitos in Cuba, here is our list of top travel to-dos in 2018.

Top travel locations - Jeep Safari through Patagonia

Top travel locations - Jeep Safari through Patagonia, Chile, Argentina

1. Jeep Safari through Patagonia—Discover the vast wilderness of Patagonia at your own pace. We recommend doing this by Jeep. Tribù enables visitors to traverse breathtaking terrain across Chile and Argentina all from the comfort of a top-of-the-line JEEP branded SUV. Half- and full-day excursions allow for visitors to choose their own adventure through Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina or Torres de Paine National Park in Chile, with optional hotel stays in between.

Top cultural travel locations - Drink Mojitos at sunset in Havana - private homes and villas

2. Drink Mojitos at sunset in Havana—Take in the sunset with a mojito in hand—Cuba is the birthplace of this refreshing minty cocktail. Between fascinating culture, art and people, history and local flair, Tribù shows you an insider view of Havana. Here, Tribù offers a variety of private homes and villas throughout Cuba—many of which feature private pools, maid service, butler, and chef upon request. We recommend making it a completely customized experience in Cuba.

Top cultural travel locations - temples of Angkor Wat by bike, ATV and rickshaw in Southeast Asia, Cambodia

3. See the temples of Angkor Wat by bike, ATV and rickshaw—Like many parts of Southeast Asia, Cambodia has centuries upon centuries of history and tells its stories through ancient sites. Built in the 12th Century, the temple complex of Angkor Wat is among the largest religious sites in the world. We suggest exploring the area, as well as the surrounding regions in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, by bike, ATV or rickshaw (or “tuk-tuk” in Cambodia). This way you can customize the journey by covering ground not otherwise accessed on foot or by bus or car.

Top cultural travel locations - BBQ sunset South African-style with a private wine and braai experience

4. BBQ South African-style with a private wine and braai experience- An important South African ritual, “braaing,” or barbecuing as a central gathering event for friends and family is among our preferred ways to absorb the local culture through food and wine. While there are many wine and culture destinations, make time in South Africa for this treasured occasion. It typically lasts four hours and is offered through local boutique wine farms, in full with barrel tastings, snacks, unique spices, barbeque bread and the main course, all enjoyed around a long communal table under the stars.

Top cultural travel locations - Voluntourism in Kenya, Africa The Pangea Network

5. Voluntourism- While in Africa, make time for a volunteer experience in Kenya. Among a host of highly worthwhile organizations here with causes spanning human rights, sustainability, infrastructure and more, Tribù recommends checking out The Pangean Network and its Young Women’s Leadership Conference. The Pangea Network is dedicated to empowering motivated individuals in Kenya and the United States with the knowledge, skills and an ongoing network of support in order to achieve their dreams and make positive, life-changing contributions in the communities where they live.

Top cultural travel locations - Beach layover in Dubai resort

6. Beach layover in Dubai—Find a reason for a layover in Dubai and Tribù will book you a room at the Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah. Located just 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport, the resort is a destination in Ajman. Make time to relax, as the site features sweeping white sand beaches and blue lagoons tucked into several hundred acres of forest. Golf, kayak, swim or simply plan for a day at the beach and an evening at the restaurant on-site. You’ll be rejuvenated and ready for your next destination after this unique layover in UAE.

Top cultural travel locations - Mexico City weekend getaway

7. Mexico City weekend getaway—A long weekend will suffice, although you’ll want to stay longer in exploring the food, history, culture and luxury in Mexico’s capital city. We recommend a stay at the boutique Las Alcobas hotel in the city’s Polanco district—a central jumping-off point for an itinerary filled with walking, exploring, dining, wandering, jazz, pyramids, and more. Carve out an evening to take in a local lucha libre (wrestling) show; a local treat in and of itself.


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