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Tanzania, nestled on the eastern coast of Africa, is a land of extraordinary contrasts and natural wonders. Home to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, and the vast Serengeti plains where the great wildebeest migration unfolds, the country boasts an unparalleled richness of wildlife and landscapes. The Ngorongoro Crater, a breathtaking caldera teeming with diverse wildlife, and the exotic spice island of Zanzibar with its historic Stone Town, add cultural and historical dimensions to Tanzania's allure. With a vibrant mix of cultures, from the Maasai warriors to the Swahili coastal communities, Tanzania offers a warm welcome and a tapestry of experiences that make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a diverse African adventure.




  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Zanzibar


  • Nature walks 
  • Game drives in the famed Serengeti National Park inclusive of bush picnics and sundowners
  • Private tour of Stone Town & Spice Markets


Days 1 - 3

Days 4 - 7

Days 8 - 12

Your journey begins at Ngorongoro Crater, a geological masterpiece within Tanzania's northern circuit. This massive volcanic caldera, formed millions of years ago, cradles a unique and self-contained ecosystem that has become a haven for an astounding array of wildlife. Encircled by steep crater walls, the Ngorongoro Crater is home to diverse habitats, including grasslands, wetlands, and forests, fostering an impressive concentration of animals. Activities include: game drives, photographic safaris, and crater hikes.

Serengeti National Park encapsulates the quintessential African safari experience, and is your next stop! Renowned for the great wildebeest migration, where millions traverse the plains, the Serengeti is a spectacle of nature's grandeur and a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. The park's diverse ecosystems, from acacia-studded grasslands to riverine forests, provide a habitat for an abundance of wildlife.

The last few days are for sunshine, culture, and relaxation. The archipelago, located off the coast of Tanzania, boasts pristine white-sand beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich blend of Swahili, Arab, and European influences. In the historic Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, narrow winding streets lead to bustling markets, historic forts, and intricately carved wooden doors. Zanzibar's spice farms offer aromatic tours, revealing the island's historical significance as a major spice trade hub. The idyllic beaches beckon with their azure waters, providing the perfect backdrop for water activities or simply unwinding under the swaying palms. 

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