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Crafting Purpose-Led Safaris: Journeying with a Safari Designer on a Mission

Crafting the perfect safari experience involves more than just choosing camps and lodges; it requires a comprehensive approach that combines knowledge and experience with valued partnerships. Through our meticulously curated network of safari partners, we tailor properties to align with your individual interests, financial parameters, and distinctive tastes. Collaborating with conservation-focused tourism entities, we champion initiatives dedicated to expanding wilderness areas and safeguarding biodiversity, underpinned by community-driven endeavors.

Together with our philanthropic ally, The Pangea Network, at Tribù, we advocate for and contribute to fostering female empowerment in Kenya through business initiatives and microfinance programs, as well as nurturing emerging female leaders stateside.

When entrusting safari specialists to design an East African itinerary, you embark on a journey with profound local impact, actively contributing to community welfare and wildlife preservation. Below, we highlight select partners in the region and their pioneering conservation initiatives.

Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains Conservation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing wilderness areas through sustainable tourism. Their mission encompasses safeguarding wildlife, restoring ecosystems, and empowering local communities. Through initiatives like anti-poaching efforts, habitat restoration projects, and community-based conservation programs, they strive to ensure the long-term survival of species and habitats. Additionally, they work closely with local communities, providing employment opportunities, supporting education, and promoting cultural preservation, thus fostering a harmonious relationship between people and nature.

Conservation Initiatives:

  • Rhino Conservation: Great Plains Conservation actively supports rhino conservation efforts through anti-poaching patrols, habitat protection, and community engagement programs.

  • Lion Conservation: They collaborate with local communities and conservation organizations to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and protect lion populations.

  • Elephant Conservation: Great Plains Conservation is involved in elephant monitoring and research projects to better understand and protect these iconic animals.

  • Habitat Restoration: They undertake habitat restoration projects, such as reforestation and invasive species management, to promote biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.

Community Work:

  • Community Empowerment: Great Plains Conservation works closely with local communities to provide training and employment opportunities in ecotourism, conservation, and hospitality sectors.

  • Education: They support education initiatives, including scholarships, school infrastructure improvements, and environmental education programs for children.

  • Healthcare: Great Plains Conservation contributes to healthcare initiatives, such as mobile medical clinics and the provision of medical supplies and equipment to underserved communities.

  • Sustainable Livelihoods: They assist communities in developing sustainable livelihoods, such as beekeeping and craft-making, to reduce dependence on natural resources and promote economic resilience.


Asilia is dedicated to preserving Africa's wild places and empowering local communities. Their mission revolves around sustainable tourism practices that benefit both people and wildlife. They prioritize conservation efforts aimed at protecting biodiversity, restoring ecosystems, and mitigating human-wildlife conflict. Through community partnerships, Asilia Africa supports education, healthcare, and economic development initiatives, creating a positive impact on the lives of those living in and around conservation areas.

Conservation Initiatives:

  • Predator Conservation: Asilia collaborates with conservation organizations to monitor and protect predator populations, such as lions and cheetahs, through anti-poaching efforts and research projects.

  • Habitat Restoration: They undertake habitat restoration projects, including reforestation and erosion control, to promote biodiversity and ecosystem health in key conservation areas.

  • Wildlife Monitoring: Asilia Africa supports wildlife monitoring programs to track animal movements, population dynamics, and habitat usage, aiding in conservation planning and management.

  • Sustainable Energy: They invest in renewable energy technologies, such as solar power, to reduce their environmental footprint and promote sustainable tourism practices.

Community Work:

  • Education: Asilia partners with local schools to improve access to education, providing scholarships, school supplies, and educational resources to students in rural communities.

  • Healthcare: They support healthcare initiatives, such as mobile medical clinics and community health education programs, to improve healthcare access and outcomes for marginalized populations.

  • Economic Empowerment: Asilia promotes economic empowerment through initiatives like sustainable agriculture training, microfinance programs, and job creation in the tourism sector.

  • Cultural Preservation: They collaborate with indigenous communities to preserve cultural heritage and traditions, offering cultural tourism experiences and supporting local artisans and cultural events.

Tribù Travel Designers collaborate with local safari operators, such as Great Plains Conservation, Asilia Africa, and more to design safari experiences that prioritize conservation-led tourism. By partnering with these operators, Tribù ensures that safari itineraries are not only meticulously curated to suit travelers' interests and preferences but also have a profound impact on wildlife conservation and community development. Through initiatives like anti-poaching efforts, habitat restoration projects, and community empowerment programs, our partnerships with these operators facilitate meaningful engagement with conservation and local communities, enabling travelers to make a positive difference while exploring Africa's wilderness.


Ready to embark on a purpose-led safari experience?

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