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Give Thanks for Travel with a Tribu Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks: for family, for friends, and for trips around the globe to Tribu’s carefully curated destinations and properties — including Ani Villas Thailand.

Our own travel designer Audie Jones recently explored Ani Villas Thailand with her tribe; a group of 13 friends and family who together enjoyed a friendsgiving of sorts among the backdrop of the breathtaking Southeast Asian coast.

Starting in Singapore, the group — comprising, Audie and her husband; his brothers and their wives; his cousin; her brother and several friends — explored the local culture by day, and retreated each evening to the pool and skyline view at Marina Bay Sands. One day, the group embarked on a bicycle tour through the local Chinatown, Little India and Malaysian enclave with tastes of their native cuisine along the way. A trip outside the city brought the group to experience and learn about the Singapore’s community housing and day-to-day life for its locals.

Next, the group traveled to Koh Yao Noi, Thailand, and the Ani Private Villas there. Our Tribu itinerary spans a 7-day stay at Ani — an exclusive 10-villa private resort with an expansive infinity pool, on-site spa treatments, and boating excursions galore. The staff at Ani takes special care of each individual group, including picnic lunches, delectable fresh local cuisine, cooking classes, massage, boat tours and more; all in the creation of a truly customized experience for each group.

Audie’s group enjoyed stand up paddle boarding, exploring the “little islands” nearby, and indulging in Ani’s spectacular coastal views and beaches.

Each meal and excursion was in itself a friendsgiving, with the group giving thanks for time together in a beautiful place with exceptional service and amenities. But travel with friends does come with some words of advice. Audie suggests gathering a group that is up for an adventure, one that is going to mesh well, and she recommends traveling with family as well as close friends who are interested in enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience together.

And for those special groups, we are thankful!


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